Boys' Activewear

Boys are active; there's no doubt about that. Give your son clothing that allows him comfort and freedom of movement. Boys' activewear items, like boys' sneakers, are made of lightweight and breathable fabrics so that sweat is wicked away from his body and your little man doesn't overheat. Athletic clothing is also helpful for boys that are in-between sizes because of their loose fitting designs and elastic waistbands. Kmart has athletic clothes for boys like pants, shorts, shirts and hoodies so he's ready for a neighborhood pick-up game any time of the season.

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Boys activewear to keep your son moving

When it comes to little boys, even if they don't have a favorite sport, they love riding their bikes and running around the neighborhood with friends and classmates. Kmart has a huge selection of boys' activewear including athletic pants, shirts and hoodies so no matter the weather, they're prepared for some fun.

Boys' sleeveless athletic tops make it so he can play all day at camp or with friends and avoid getting too hot from extra fabric. For days when it's a little bit cooler, opt for a tee or sweatshirt made of breathable cotton. They protect your child from catching a chill while still wicking away sweat. Give your child tops that encourage your son to play all day long so that once it's time for bed he'll rest easy on his kids' pillow from a long day of play.

Boys' athletic shorts and pants are made to be comfy. Whether your son is just lounging around on a lazy Sunday or hitting the field to go play soccer, the loose-fitting styles make it easy for him to move freely. Boys and girls' activewear pants have elastic waistbands so even if your child is between sizes they'll feel comfy and confident in their clothes.


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