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      Men's Watches at Kmart: Go For Style and Function

      Whether you're looking for a watch for work or play, Kmart has an impressive collection of attractive, affordable watches for men. Pick out a watch with a black or brown leather band for a sophisticated look at work. How about a Joe Boxer or Casio watch for the gym or more casual settings? If you are a runner or someone who is constantly on the run, a casual Casio watch is a great addition. Many come with stop watches and several alarms, so you never have to miss an appointment. Casio watches also are tough enough to spend some time at the bottom of the swimming pool and keep ticking.

      It doesn't take long in the ladies watch department at Kmart to learn that watches are much more than simply time pieces. Ladies watches are like any other piece of fine jewelry. They can be mixed and matched with clothes and other jewelry. How about a dress watch with a black and white zebra casing? Perhaps you'd prefer something more traditional from Timex or Disney. Choose some of the latest designs for work and play after browsing the JLo, Jaclyn Smith and Sofia Vergara collections.

      Pick out a watch your kids will be excited about by looking through the collection of kids watches at Kmart. Who's the latest favorite for your child - Justin Bieber, Spiderman, Tinkerbell or Minnie and Mickey Mouse? What about the Jonas Brothers, Sponge Bob Squarepants and sports team logos? At Kmart, you'll find these and many more featured on durable, attractive watches for boys and girls. There are plenty of pinks, purples and sky blues for the girls and manlier colors and designs for the boys.

      Necklaces make a great gift for the man in your life. You'll find a variety of men's necklaces at Kmart, and our men's jewelry experts can help you pick out just the right one. The big decision here is whether to go with a pendant as well. You could choose a standalone chain in a variety of eye-catching designs, such as two-tone stainless steel with alternating gold and silver links. On the other hand, military-type dog tags and crosses are popular choices with men's necklaces. In fact, there are many different dog tags that area adorned with etched crosses.

      Getting watches for the family doesn't have to be a daunting task. Head to Kmart where you'll find the latest styles for everyone in the family. In fact, Kmart is the place to go for all of your jewelry needs, including a vast selection of men's necklaces.

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