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      Make a bold statement using body jewelry

      Today's jewelry styles go far beyond simple pierced ears. From industrial piercings to belly button rings, people are adding bling to their bodies in more ways than ever before. If you can pierce it, you can find body jewelry for it at Sears. Choose from a variety of eye-catching designs that add flair and draw attention to piercings of all kinds.

      In recent years, both men and women have begun embracing new ways to make common ear piercings unique. Instead of sticking with a single hole in the lobes, many people are putting earrings in their cartilage or having a line of holes pierced all the way around one ear. Though piercings in the cartilage require more care than the lobes, it's worth the wait to be able to wear special earrings from Ms. Piercing and other brands. These come in many styles including small metal rings with a captive bead, straight barbells and curved barbells with beads on either end. Unlike standard fashion earrings, this jewelry is made specifically for body piercings and often features a more eclectic design. Whether it's a simple colored bead or a series of dangling charms, the adornments for these piercings are wide and varied.

      Some people prefer to dress up lobe piercings by enlarging them gradually through the use of tapers. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try this unique style, remember that larger holes will rarely close up by themselves. Be sure that a large-gauge piercing is what you want before you start the process. Sizing up a hole takes time and care, but the pay-off is the ability to sport wooden or plastic plugs from companies such as WickedBodyJewelz and Body Candy. When you have these eye-catching pieces of jewelry adorning your ears, you don't need much more than a simple necklace or low-key anklets to complete your personal style.

      Unique piercings are all about individuality, which is why companies like Island Mystique manufacture so many different types of jewelry. By mixing and matching your favorites with bold fashion bracelets and other accessories, you'll stand out from the crowd everywhere you go. If you like the look of body piercings but don't want to deal with the healing time, try faux earrings and other accessories like those from FreshTrends. This jewelry can be worn without holes to give the appearance of a cartilage earring or a nose ring so you can enjoy eclectic style without the pain or expense of a real piercing.

      No matter where you have a piercing, there are eye-catching pieces of body jewelry to dress it up. You can dangle hearts from your ears, put a butterfly on your belly or surprise people with a pink tongue ring. Head to Sears when you're ready to create a distinctive style that shows off your favorite body piercings.

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