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      Earrings and Accessories Dress Up Any Outfit

      Earrings are one of the easiest ways to add sparkle and sophistication to an outfit. At Kmart, you'll find a beautiful selection of earrings for both special occasions and everyday wear, along with other jewelry to help you look your best.

      Pendants and necklaces are natural accompaniments to earrings and come in many styles to complement everything from casual clothing to elegant evening wear. Simple chains of silver and gold may be worn as-is or adorned with beads, gems and charms to create one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry pieces. Sterling silver pendants etched with words are beautiful accents to daily outfits and make nice gifts for the special people in your life. Other designs are more extravagant and may include gold, diamonds, gemstones or a combination of the three. Hearts are a popular design choice, but many other beautiful styles exist to help you achieve the look you want.

      Small yet elegant, rings give both men and women a way to dress up clothing by adding something special. The traditional beauty of diamond and gemstone rings has kept them in style over the years, and new styles are appearing all the time. From simple gold bands with one or two stones to elaborate sparkling creations encrusted with diamonds, there is a ring for every occasion. Some feature delicate shapes such as hearts or butterflies, making them especially attractive when worn with other coordinating jewelry pieces. Men rings tend to be thicker and heavier with a single prominent stone or no stone at all. These simple designs are perfect for wearing with suits as they add an eye-catching accent without overwhelming the outfit.

      Watches combine utility and style for a look that can be playful, practical or elegant. Digital watches with big displays and built-in extras are useful for people on the go or those who are involved in sports. Simple gold and silver watches let you keep track of time in style. More elaborate models may feature streamlined displays that use lines instead of numbers or bands that include attractive accents designed to make them look more like bracelets. The variety of models available makes it easy to choose the right watch to match your clothes.

      Sometimes all it takes are a few accessories to make an otherwise plain outfit look amazing. Make Kmart your one-stop shop for earrings, rings, necklaces and more to give your wardrobe the boost you've been looking for.