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If you love using your inversion table, these inversion accessories from Kmart can make your unloading experience even better. Adding acupressure nodes, a lumbar bridge or a heat therapy cushion can help make your inversion table feel even more supportive and relaxing. Put an inversion program mat underneath your table to protect your floors while giving you illustrated movements to reference while you're inverted. Finally, if you don't have room for an inversion table but still want to try it, take a look at a pair of inversion boots. These allow you to hang by your feet using a pull-up bar or something similar.

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Make your inversion table even more relaxing with inversion accessories

Inversion therapy is the act of suspending your body to achieve spinal decompression. In other words, by hanging upside-down you can counteract the constant downward pull of gravity on your joints. Many people swear by inversion therapy, including athletes, therapists and everyday people with back pain; they claim that it stretches their muscles, relieves their pain and makes them feel better. If your back feels tired, tight or sore from poor posture or tension, you might want to look at an inversion table. You can find a variety of inversion accessories to make your inverting experience more enjoyable, supportive and relaxing.

There are several accessories designed with comfort in mind. Just as the right incline trainer accessories can make your cardio workouts more enjoyable, these inversion accessories can help provide a more soothing experience for your back. If you're looking for extra support and deeper decompression, consider a lumbar bridge that attaches to the table under your lower back. For the benefits of acupressure while inverting, you can also find a set of acupressure nodes that attach to the surface of your inverting table. These nodes come in different sizes to provide variable intensity, depending on your preferences.

One of the most common fitness accessories is a protective mat to put underneath ellipticals, treadmills and other equipment. Just as a bike mat protects the floor underneath your exercise cycle, an inversion mat will protect the floors underneath your inversion table while keeping your table steady with a non-slip surface. What's more, some inversion mats are illustrated with diagrams of different movements to perform. This clever design allows you to reference the images while you're inverting.

What if you'd like to give inverting a try but don't have room to fit a full inversion table? One option is to get a pair of inversion boots. These heavy-duty boots strap around your ankles, and have a hook that you can use to hang from any sturdy bar. From there, you can hang and let your joints decompress or perform mid-air sit-ups for a great ab workout. It might be a good idea to install some padded gym flooring on the floor underneath that area where you'll be inverting for added protection.

Whatever your reason for inverting, you can make your experience more relaxing and effective with the right inversion accessories. Whether it's add-ons to soothe your back, a instructive program mat or boots to hang from a pull-up bar, you can find it here at Kmart. We offer inversion straps and other accessories from brands like Teeter Hang Ups, Body Solid and Ironman.


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