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      -Huffy Santa Fe 26
      Huffy Santa Fe 26'' Bike with Rack and Floor Pump Bundle
      Biking Bundle with Retro Bike and Essential Bike Accessories Get ready to hit the road with this Huffy biking bundle. Designed to take you places, this convenient bundle combines essential biking accessories and cool retro style in durable steel. Whether you want to get fit, gear up for family camping season or take a two-wheeled road trip, this convenient biking bundle has everything you need to get going. Customize your bundle with the bike that suits you best. For the ladies, there’s trendy light turquoise with blue accents, and for the guys, black with red/maroon. Both options offer 26 inches of steel, style and speed, with cushy, elevated seats for comfort and wide handlebars for extra support. A sturdy bike rack ensures that your new wheels follow you wherever you go, and an easy-to-use floor pump keeps your tires travel-ready. Toss the pump in your trunk so that a flat will never slow you down.
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      Huffy Santa Fe 26'' Mens Bike
      • Huffy Santa Fe 26'' Mens Bike
      • | Kmart Item# 080W004164571001 | Model# K6022
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      • Santa Fe 26" Mens Bike

        26 Inch Huffy Men's Bike Let's Men Ride Wherever Their Path Takes ThemThe Huffy Santa Fe 26Inch Mens Bike is one of the most versatile bikes currently on the market. If you are looking for a smooth and comfortable ride, this bike is for you. When you want to ride for several miles or for hours on end, you need something that won't make you sore when you are done. However, if you only need it for short rides, it will be useful to you as well. The 26 Inch Huffy Men's Bike is a durable bike made from a steel frame. This means that the bike is going to be strong yet lightweight. If you are ever in a crash, you can get right back up without worrying if your bike is ruined. Additionally, the light design allows you to go faster without feeling as much resistance. For anyone who may be training for a professional event, shaving even a few seconds off of your time is a good thing.

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        Select 1: Bicycle Carriers
        3 Bike Trunk Rack Select
        Reese Axis™3 Bike Trunk Mount Rack Select
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        Select 1: Bicycle Pumps
        Schwinn Frame-To-Floor Bike Pump Select
        Schwinn Steel Floor Pump with Gauge Select
        Schwinn Floor Pump Select
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        Optional: Bicycle Tire Repair
        Item Selected
        Schwinn Bicycle Tube Repair Kit
        • Schwinn Bicycle Tube Repair Kit
        • | Kmart Item# 080W015787290001 | Model# SW75316 24PK
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        • Bicycle Tube Repair Kit

          Small and large glue patches for a custom fit. Tube scuffing paper provides better contact area. One tube of glue.

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          Optional: Specialty Bike Accessories
          Ventura Gel Gloves (Red) XL Select
          Ventura Gel Gloves (Blue) XL Select
          Ventura Gel Gloves (Grey) XL Select
          Ventura Gel Gloves (Red) Large Select
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