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      Shop for Shelving Ladders and Accessories at Kmart

      Because shelving units can extend high above the floor, you need shelving ladders to help you reach items from the top shelf. Kmart offers a range of durable shelving ladders and step stools to assist you with your storage units. Xtend & Climb compact stable stools give you the lift you need to reach items high on the shelf. In addition, choose the mini scaffolding step stool with wheels for easy transport across your shelving rack. Alternatively, Davidson shelving ladders are available from six to 24 feet in height. Regardless of the height of your shelving racks, you can reach your items with a shelving ladder.

      Since some shelving racks extend to the ceiling, you may need to reinforce it by attaching it to the wall. Use levelers and stud finders to locate and mark the individual studs. With a battery-operated Black & Decker stud sensor, you can quickly locate a stud with its accurate LED display. If you plan to hang storage shelves on the wall, use a David White self-leveling guide to level your shelves more accurately. Marking the studs and leveling your shelves reduces the risk of falling items.

      After locating and marking the studs, use hand tools to secure the racks in place. Craftsman screwdrivers work to tighten screws on the rack to ensure its stability, and pliers are useful for tightening or loosening hard-to-reach bolts once the system is in place. After securing the storage system tightly to the wall, organize your cutters and snips on one shelf and your portable Trademark Tools toolbox on another.

      Using storage racks isn't the only way to safe space and organize your work area. Tools storage accessories such as Craftsman tool divider systems let you organize and separate your tools in the drawers. In addition, Craftsman drawer liners keep your tools from scratching or dinging the interior of the toolbox. Mechanics Time Savers Magna Panels hold metal tools in place without the need for hooks or hangers, and the Lock-A-Socket tray organizes drill bits in a convenient location.

      Shelving ladders give you the added height you need to reach items from the highest shelf. Shop Kmart online or at the store for affordable ladders, shelving units and storage accessories for your garage or workshop.

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