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      Kitchen Linens

      Supply your kitchen with great-looking kitchen linens from Kmart

      Kitchen linens serve a functional purpose, cleaning up spills and protecting you and your furniture from hot plates and pans. The right kitchen cloths can put the finishing touches on your cooking space by adding a dash of color, matching the decor and inserting a little holiday spirit. Taking the time to outfit it with high-quality, attractive linens from Kmart can make it that much more enjoyable to cook up your next culinary masterpiece.

      You should always have several kitchen cloths tucked away in a drawer to protect yourself from hot oven racks and baking sheets. These hand-savers are made of durable, long-lasting padded fabric, so you won't be tossing them in the kitchen wastebasket anytime soon. Oven mitts typically come with a hanging loop so you can store them on a hook for easy access. Potholders are great not only for picking up hot plates, bowls and other tableware, but can also be placed underneath them to prevent damage to your expensive wood furniture.

      Crumbs and spills are a fact of life for a master chef, so keep a good supply of dishcloths and kitchen towels handy. Whether it's a drop of wine on the floor, a spatter of crumbs from an overturned food container or a dusting of flour on the counter, all it takes is a good wipe from an absorbent kitchen towel to make it clean again. Because they're made of machine-washable fabric, cleaning your dishcloths is a breeze. They're available with a variety of seasonal and holiday patterns, so pick up one for each of your favorite holidays to add a little festive cheer to the kitchen.

      Spice things up with an attractive new grilling apron or kitchen tablecloth. Tablecloths keep your table safe while adding a touch of charm to your kitchen decor. An apron will protect your good clothes from oil spills and mustard stains. Some feature fun or quirky sayings, so you can express your personality whether you're flipping eggs in the pan or just putting forks back into the silverware organizer. They're all made of high-quality, durable fabric for years of enjoyment.

      A good set of kitchen linens, from potholders to grilling aprons, will look great while protecting you and your furniture from burns and stains. They're an inexpensive way to put the finishing touches on your kitchen. Shop for kitchen linens at Kmart, where you'll find a wide selection at attractive prices.