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      Make mealtime easier with a Dutch oven from Kmart

      Dutch ovens have been around for centuries and this versatile cookware still hasn't lost its appeal. It makes meal prep simple and will be one of the go-to items in your kitchen. Kmart has a wide selection of Dutch oven pots that you'll love, whether you're cooking up a stew or a cobbler.

      This cookware brings simplicity to making dinner because you can make a meal from start to finish with one pot. Dutch oven pots are generally large and heavy and have tight-fitting lids to keep in the heat. They can be used on the stovetop or in the oven and some pots also can be used over an open fire, so it's the perfect choice when you're camping. Similar to pressure cookers Dutch ovens use the heat within the pot to cook your food, but Dutch oven pots take more of a slow-cooking approach.

      Dutch ovens also offer versatility with cooking methods. You can use them to stew, braise, roast, broil and fry so if you need to sear and then braise your protein for a recipe, you won't need to dirty a second pan. You also can keep your bakeware in the cabinet because you can use your Dutch oven to bake cobblers and cakes. Dutch oven pots from Kmart will help make meal prep easier, cut down on dirty dishes and surely will become the star of your kitchen.

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