Casserole Dishes

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      Add simplicity to mealtimes with a casserole dish from Kmart

      When you're outfitting your kitchen, the versatility of a casserole dish makes it one of your must-have items. You can cook in it, serve from it and then store your leftovers in it. Kmart carries a wide selection of casserole pans in different shapes and sizes so you can find one that goes perfectly in your kitchen.

      If you like dinners that are easy to prepare and full of flavor, you'll love using casserole dishes. They are generally more shallow and lighter than dutch ovens, and they are perfect for one-pot meals like a simple chicken bake, tuna casserole or a ham and cheese breakfast casserole. These pans also help you create tasty side dishes with ease. Plus, since you can mix all the ingredients in one pan, you'll help minimize clutter, and you'll spend less time washing dishes.

      A casserole dish is a great piece of cookware, but it's a lovely serving piece as well. That means you can put on your oven mitts, pull it from the oven or microwave and bring your casserole pan right to the table to serve your hungry dining companions. When you're finished with dinner, you can keep your leftovers in the pan and put it in the refrigerator. Shop Kmart for a variety of casserole pans and start making dinnertime easier in your kitchen.

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