Pizza Stones & Pans

      Pizza is a dinnertime staple in many homes. While some nights you might pull out your casserole dishes for a hearty tetrazzini, other nights call for a pizza stone instead. Whether you prefer making homemade pizza with a thin crust or a thick one, or you like your pizza pre-wrapped from the freezer, using a pizza pan will help your pie cook up right every time. From perforated pans to deep dish pans to stones, you can find the perfect cooking tools at Kmart and turn your kitchen into the best pizzeria in town.

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      Use a pizza stone from Kmart to create the perfect slice

      There are so many varieties of pizza, you can make one every day of the week and still not have the same meal twice. With limitless combinations of crusts and toppings, you can keep the flavors fresh and with a pizza pan from Kmart, you can help each pizza cook to perfection. You can opt for frozen pizzas but making homemade pizza is quite simple. Pre-made pizza dough is available in stores, but with just a few simple ingredients and your mixing bowls you can whip up homemade dough in a snap. Pizza pans come in many shapes and sizes so you can produce a thin crust or a thick one.

      One of the things that's most fun about making homemade pizza is creating different shapes with the dough and choosing your own toppings. Your little ones will love pulling up their step stools and creating their own individual pizzas. When it comes to crust, a pizza stone will help take the moisture from the dough so the crust can be crispy yet tender. If you're looking for extra crispy, you'll want to roll out your dough thin. Choosing a pan with holes will help the air circulate to create a crispier crust. If deep dish is your thing, select a deep dish pan and use a thicker dough layer.

      Find the perfect pizza pan at Kmart and turn your kitchen into an Italian eatery.

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