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      Show off your creative side with cake pans from Kmart

      No matter which way you slice it, cakes are fantastic. They're fun to make, they're fun to decorate and, of course, they're fun to eat. With options like a round pan, a Bundt cake pan and novelty pans available, Kmart can help keep your cake creations fresh and fun through every season.

      Once you select your cake pan and bake your batter, anything goes when it comes to decorating. Whether you're working with a novelty cake pan, an intricate layer cake or a single-layer cake made in a rectangular pan, baking tools can help you dress up your dessert and serve it with style.

      Baking cakes is fun for kids, too. Let your little one pull up a step stool and work alongside you, helping you add ingredients, mix the batter and add creative decorating touches. They'll love stacking and frosting cakes made in round cake pans, or drizzling icing on a gorgeous marble cake made in your Bundt cake pan. These are memories you'll both look back on fondly.

      Making a great cake starts with the right pans. Kmart has a wide selection of cake pans, from cake pop and rectangular pans to Springform pans, for all of your cake-baking needs.

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