Silver Bread Pans

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      Cook up bread, meatloaf and much more with bread pans from Kmart

      If you're making bread, you need the right equipment. While you can make focaccia on pizza pans, when it comes to a loaf of bread you'll want the deeper sides of a bread pan. Kmart has a loaf pan for most any need, including large pans, mini loaf pans and pans with seasonal designs for lovely breads and cakes. Choose from different shapes and sizes as well as materials, including glass and metal.

      Loaf pans can help you produce a delicious batch of bread, but these versatile pieces come in handy for cooking many other foods as well. While you might already know that a bread pan serves as a great meatloaf dish, if you don't have a lot of mouths to feed, it's also the perfect size for creating smaller meals. When a 13-by-9 pan will produce too many servings, turn to your bread pan to make a smaller lasagna. You'll save money by using fewer ingredients and you won't have excessive leftovers. Your pan also is great for a pot pie or for a smaller version of any casserole. Add a side salad, pull a bottle of wine from your wine rack and dinner is served.

      Whether you want to make yeast breads, sweet breads, cakes or entrees, you'll love the versatility of your loaf pan. Shop Kmart for the best selection of bread pans to outfit your kitchen.

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