Baking Tools

      The right tools help to make any job easier. From mixing bowls to get homemade dough ready for your bread pans to rolling pins and cutters to give fondant the perfect look for a special birthday cake, find the baking accessories you need for most every project in your kitchen. Special spatulas and turntables help make frosting your cake a smooth process and decorating tips and bags can give all of your frosted creations a professional look. Shop Kmart for a large selection of baking tools to help make your food looks as good as it tastes.

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      Find a great selection of baking tools at Kmart

      A fabulous cake is wonderful from the inside out. A variety of cake pans can give you the perfect foundation for your next cake, but the eye-catching decorative touches you add to the outside are what will be noticed first. Kmart has a wide selection of baking tools to help prepare, decorate and serve homemade works of art. Whether you're an expert baker or a novice, you'll love the ease of using icing spatulas to apply a smooth coat of sweet goodness to cakes and other baked goods. Decorating tips will allow you to create beautiful touches, such as stars, leaves, flowers and patterns.

      Even if creative decorating isn't your strong point you can still make eye-catching treats with some simple baking accessories. From fun and festive baking cups and cookie cutters to fit the theme of any occasion to toothpick-mounted decorations and treat bags with fun designs, you can add flair to your food quickly and with little effort. When you're done with your baking tools, you can tuck them away neatly with utensil organizers so they're ready to go the next time you need them.

      Shop Kmart for all the baking tools you need to create food that will look amazing and satisfy your taste buds.


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