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Prepare entrees, desserts and more with baking sheets from Kmart

Whether your idea of baking is break-and-bake cookies or creating them from scratch, you need baking pans to bake them to perfection. These invaluable tools also are perfect for cooking a variety of food. For those who aren't too comfortable in the kitchen, you can easily pop some frozen appetizers onto your pan and heat as directed when you have company. Chop up some vegetables, toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper and put the pan in the oven for a delicious roasted side dish, or prepare countless entrees suitable for any dinner party. Even if you're donning your apron to reheat pizza, you'll turn to your baking pans to get the job done.

Baking mats are a great accompaniment to your baking pans. Just as baking liners are perfect to keep batter from sticking to cupcake pans, baking mats provide a non-stick layer in your baking pans. While some mats are strictly for countertop use and can provide a great workspace when you're rolling out dough or you need specific measurements for your recipe, other mats are oven safe. The mats can take the place of oils, shortening or parchment paper. They help to provide even heating for your food and make cleanup up an easier task.

Shop Kmart for the best baking pans and baking mats to help you create delicious food any day of the week.


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