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Entryway & Hallway Furniture

Hallway furniture adds excitement to underused space in your home

Your hallway may not be a regular hangout spot in your home, but it does see a lot of traffic every day.  Add the right hallway furniture for functional storage and decor that still leaves plenty of room in your space.

  • One of the best options for hallway furniture is a small accent table or cabinet that provides storage space for those little things that can't find a home anywhere else. Whether you need room for crafting supplies or extra linens, a hallway cabinet can be the perfect solution. Be sure it takes up no more than a third of the floor space so that you can easily walk through the hall or open up the doors or drawers completely.
  • Although you may think of accent benches as entryway furniture, they can also be functional in a hallway. If you are lining up kids for bath time or bedtime, it's nice to have a designated waiting space out in the hall. A small bench or chair can add a functional and decorative touch that pulls your home together. Choose one with storage space to stow away extra towels and blankets as well.
  • Your hallway can also be a great space to keep pieces of folding furniture for practical use. If you are having a large gathering, it can be helpful to keep extra seating or even an additional folding table on hand in the house. When they're folded flat, these items won't take up much space in the hall, and they'll be easy to reach when needed.