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Sewing & Quilting Supplies

From spools to storage, find all your sewing supplies at Kmart

Sewing is a popular craft that appeals to people of all ages. Whether you've never touched a sewing machine or you're a skilled seamstress, you can find quality quilting supplies you'll love at Kmart. 

Many accessories are available to keep your sewing supplies organized and in good working order. Magnetic cases can help hold your needles in place and scissor covers can keep your shears protected and sharp so you can cut through fabrics easily. Towers and compartmentalized sewing cases are a wonderful way to store your thread and bobbins neatly. Of course, baskets and bags are a great catch-all to keep your supplies organized and easily accessible. They're also great for housing your other needlework supplies.

There are many kids' crafts your little ones can learn and sewing is a skill they can use for a lifetime. They can get their feet wet with easy projects, such as fabric coasters or specially sized pouches to help keep their electronics safe. As they gain experience the sky's the limit and one day they might become the world's next top designer. If you're older and have never sewed, it's never too late to start. There are plenty of books with instructions and patterns to help you gain knowledge, skills and confidence.

Whether you want a small sewing kit for quick mending jobs or you're designing a new seasonal wardrobe for yourself, Kmart has the sewing supplies you need. Stock up on quality quilting supplies at affordable prices.