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Scrapbooking Supplies

Preserve special memories with scrapbooking supplies from Kmart

Whether it's a holiday, a special family event or a normal day filled with fun and laughter, scrapbooking is a way to help you hold on to your treasured memories. While photo albums let you display pictures from an event, scrapbooking incorporates creative decorations and journaling along with your images so you can remember every detail of the day, down to all of the fun party supplies and the feeling of excitement in the room. Kmart carries a vast array of scrapbooking supplies to help you get started on your album or add to your collection.

When it comes to scrapbooking, you don't have to limit yourself to documenting only special occasions. In fact, everyday events like soccer games, making food crafts with the kids or a rainy weekend afternoon at home can provide the foundation for amazing and creative pages. From albums to embellishments to cutters, scrapbooking materials can help you create eye-catching displays with ease. Special markers and pens let you journal about your event with an added pop of color, and special trims, embossing tools, ribbons and other supplies let you add an extra artistic flair. 

If you're not sure where to start with scrapbooking, there are a number of books that can teach you about the basics and provide you with layout ideas that you can follow step by step to create stunning pages. Scrapbooking supplies from Kmart can help make your memories even more special.