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Painting Supplies

Create a colorful world around you with paint supplies from Kmart

One of the great things about art is that you can express yourself in different ways. While some people like to use a pencil or charcoal to create a drawing, others prefer the feel of a paintbrush in their hands and want to use the world as their canvas. Kmart has many different types of painting supplies available to help you reveal your inner artist.

A variety of paint types produce different looks and you can choose from many options. You may like the transparent look of watercolors or the versatility of an oil-based paint. You can have some fun with chalkboard paint, which is perfect for your playroom or even a spot in your kitchen to keep your kids occupied while you're making dinner. 

When you paint you aren't restricted to a piece of paper or a traditional canvas. You can add a personalized touch to anything. Choose from paint supplies to decorate a jewelry box or a tote bag you'll treasure. You also can personalize an apron, perfect for when you're preparing fun food crafts or a tasty weeknight dinner. If you want to paint like a pro but you're no Van Gogh, choose from a large selection of paint by number sets and create a work of art you'll love. No matter your artistic background, painting is a fantastic way to express yourself and add a colorful touch of design to any room of your home. Find all the painting supplies you need at Kmart.