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Knitting & Crochet Supplies

Find all of your knitting and crochet needs at Kmart

The arts of knitting and crochet have been around for centuries and continue to hold onto their popularity. Kmart has a great selection of knitting supplies and crochet supplies available to appeal to you, whether you're new to these crafts or you've been doing them for years.

While knitting uses two needles and crocheting uses a single hook to make stitches, both techniques can be used to create beautiful blankets, apparel and accessories. If you're just starting out with knitting and crochet, books are a valuable resource. You can get a solid introduction with step-by-step instruction. You'll also be able to get a variety of design patterns to get started on your crafty journey. Before you know it, you'll have a gorgeous afghan to adorn your sofa.

Yarn comes in a full array of colors so you can create items for any occasion or to match any room of your home. It also is available in different materials, including acrylic, bamboo, wool and cotton, so you can choose the perfect thread whether you're looking for something soft enough for a baby or something to keep you warm on a cold winter day. Needles also are constructed from different materials, such as steel and bamboo, so you can find tools that are most comfortable to work with. Unlike when you're sewing, you can be mobile when you're knitting or crocheting. A variety of baskets and bins allow you to store your needles, yarn and works in progress to keep them organized and take them on the go. You'll find these and all your other knitting and crochet supplies at Kmart.