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      Shop Bed & Bath at Kmart

      Whether you're moving into a new house or just shopping to decorate your current home, you'll need décor and accessories to make your bedroom or bathroom a homey place. Kmart is the place to get the best bedroom and bathroom accessories. You'll find hampers, shower curtains and towels for the bathroom, as well as sheets, comforters and quilts for the bedroom, in all sorts of styles.

      A stylish bathroom is easy to put together with Kmart's bathroom accessories and décor. Start by decorating the shower area with a shower curtain in your choice of color, print and pattern. Kids will love an Essential Home aquatic scenery shower curtain printed with brightly colored fish, dolphins and sea turtles. If your little boy or girl is getting their very first bathroom to themselves, hang up a blue Mickey Mouse or a Pink Minnie mouse curtain to spruce up the room. Adults might like more subtle patterns and colors, which makes an Essential Home fabric curtain the right choice. Don't forget that a shower curtain is best used with a Cannon Shower liner. Liners keep water from splashing out of the shower and also keep your curtains free from hard water and soap stains, so using one is a good idea even if you have a waterproof shower curtain.

      Once you've got the shower curtains picked out, you can match the color to a new set of bath towels. Whether you choose to buy a complete set of bath and face washing towels, or individual towels to supplement your bathroom, Kmart has you covered. Pick out vivid solid colors from Country Living or fun pattern and cartoon prints from Disney and Essential Home to complement your bathroom décor. Each person in your family should have their own bath towel to suit their sense of style, and of course it never hurts to stock up on more for surprise guests and visiting relatives.

      Most people spend more time in the bedroom than in any other room in the house. You do spend a good third of your life sleeping, after all. Make the most of those restful hours with comfy bedroom décor from Kmart. Fabric and foam mattress pads from Cannon and Night Therapy deliver a great night's rest and extend the life of your mattress. Cover up with our assortment of Essential Home and Jaclyn Smith comforters which have a color, print and style to suit any taste. Complete bedding sets include sheets, comforters and pillows so you can cover your bed in matching patterns and designs.

      Kmart offers everything you need to decorate the intimate interior spaces of your home. Your bedroom and bathroom will never look better than they do after you shop at Kmart today.