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      When it's time to update your bathroom, get the latest bathroom decor at Kmart

      When you want a new look for your bathroom, you don't need to do a complete renovation. You can save time and money simply by changing your bathroom decor. Updating small details can give your room an entirely new look. Whether your bathroom has an outdated feel or you simply want something different, a new shower curtain and vanity accessories can provide a stylish look you'll love. Kmart has everything you need for your bathroom makeover.

      Shower curtains come in wide variety of styles so you'll be able to find exactly what you need for your new bathroom look. Choose from a selection of solid colors and patterns in fabric or vinyl to find just the right piece. Once you find the perfect curtain, you can choose towels to match. To prolong the life of your shower curtain, always use a liner to prevent water damage and stains.

      To complete your bathroom makeover, use vanity accessories to provide thoughtful accents. A tissue box, soap dish and lotion pump will help create a cohesive look. Whether you opt for bathroom decorations with sophisticated or fun looks, your room will receive rave reviews. As a final touch, add a piece or two of wall decor to bring together the colors of your masterfully styled room.

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