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      Give your bedroom a touch of elegance with bedding from Kmart

      Your bed is the most important and noticeable piece of furniture in your bedroom. So when you're trying to perfect your bedroom decor, it makes sense to start with your bed. A bed without attractive bedding can look unmade or incomplete. Decorative bedding from Kmart can give your bed the look you're going for: sleek and modern, elegant and sophisticated, or cozy and comfortable. Before you buy, however, take a few moments to think about what bedding will work best for your home.

      Perhaps the most important piece of bedding is your bedspread. These big blankets cover your entire bed and help keep you warm at night. They're also essential to giving your bed a finished look to complement the rest of your bedroom furniture. You can buy bedspreads separately, or purchase them as part of a set. A set will be more expensive but will also include other matching items, such as pillowcases, sheets and pillow shams. This will help you to avoid a mismatched appearance that can come from trying to mix and match different pieces of bedding.

      A few accent pieces can really stand out on your bed. For example, decorative pillows and pillow shams can add a sophisticated touch to your bed's appearance. You can add pillows that complement the color scheme of your bedroom for a complementary look, or ones that contrast it for a bold splash of color. Decorative pillows can be placed anywhere, such as on top of beds, chests and even chairs. Another bedding accessory that can improve your decor is a bed skirt. Bed skirts are a great way to hide whatever's underneath the bed, so you can add storage without people noticing.

      For the kids in your house, browse through Kmart's kid-friendly bedding. Your children can decorate their beds with their favorite characters, like Princess Sophia, Lightning McQueen and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Accessorize your purchase with matching cuddle pillows, which are like a combination of a pillow and a stuffed animal. Instead of forcing your children to use boring grown-up bedding, let them choose their favorite kids' bedding for a bed they'll feel comfortable in.

      Your bed is more than just the place you lay your head every night. It's a noticeable piece of furniture that has a big impact on the decor and atmosphere in your bedroom. Make your bed give a good impression with the high-quality decorative bedding at Kmart. We offer a huge selection at everyday low prices to make it as easy as possible.