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      Dress up your bedroom with stylish bed quilts from Kmart

      Whether it's your master bedroom or a guest room, spruce up the look of your space with a new bed coverlet. Choose from traditional and contemporary styles you'll love and create a welcoming room that's sure to please.

      Bed quilts are lightweight covers for your bed and add a decorative look to your room. They are available in a number of fabrics, including cotton, microfiber and polyester. After putting on your mattress pad and sheets, coverlets provide a finishing touch. They provide just the right amount of coverage for warmer days, and on cold winter nights, you'll feel perfectly cozy when you use them as an extra layer in conjunction with a blanket or comforter.

      Bed quilts are available individually or as sets, which offer matching shams to cover your pillows. These pre-styled sets create the perfect starting point to tastefully decorate your room. If you're just starting out, the set will provide your bedroom a sophisticated look with an attractive focal point. Then, you simply can add accessories that complement or contrast with your coverlet to create an eye-catching room with a finished look. Many bed quilts are machine washable, which makes caring for them simple and convenient.

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