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      Kids' Bedding

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      Give your kids a fun, comfortable bedroom with kids' bedding from Kmart

      You know how hard it can be to get your kid to go to bed, especially when they're feeling rambunctious. You can make it a little easier, though, by making their bed with fun, colorful bedding that depicts their favorite characters. Your kid's bedroom is the one room in the house that's really theirs, so make them feel as comfortable as possible. Your little boy or little girl will be proud to show off their room to their friends when it's made with kids' bedding from Kmart. You can shop for blankets, throws, bed tends, comforters, pillows, sheets and even complete bedding collections to give your kids a bedroom they'll love.

      The most noticeable piece of bedding on your kids' bed is bound to be the comforter, so take some time selecting one your kid will really enjoy. Once they outgrow their baby crib, most kids move on to a twin-size bed; but you can find kids' comforters in all sizes from twin to king. You can find comforters for young children that feature characters like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Minnie Mouse, and you can also find more mature comforters for teenagers. Comforters are big, warm blankets that can help keep your little ones snug and toasty on those cold winter nights.

      Next you'll need some soft sheets underneath that big, cozy comforter. Now that your kids are too big for the crib, you can't use that baby crib bedding anymore; you need to outfit their new bed with some big-boy or big-girl sheets. Kids' sheets at Kmart come with images of popular characters like Angry Birds, Super Mario and Tinker Bell. If you want to give your kids soft sheets, pay attention to thread count; generally a higher thread count makes for a softer, more luxurious feel.

      Remember to look at some fun kids' pillows and shams. These decorative pillows feature images of popular characters and cartoons, and are a great way to accessorize your kids' beds. Choose from traditional rectangular pillows, or go for a cuddle pillow in the shape of a friendly animal or cartoon character. A couple kid-friendly pillows can really put the finishing touches on your children's bedrooms and give them a space where they can play and sleep in comfort.

      A kid's bed should have kid's bedding. Whether it's an adorable Minnie Mouse sham or a WWE throw blanket, you're sure to find something that appeals to your little girl or little boy. At Kmart, our kids' bedding is made to be decorative, warm and comfortable. We stock a huge selection of bedding from great brands like Sweet Jojo Designs, Cannon and Nickelodeon. Shop here to get the bedding your kids will love at budget-friendly prices.