Pillow Covers & Protectors

      When you put your head down to go to sleep at night, you don't want to worry about what might be lurking underneath your pillowcase. Pillow covers from Kmart are an effective way to help protect your pillows from moisture and help keep dirt, dust mites and bacteria at bay. This means you'll be able to extend the life of your favorite pillow and feel relaxed when get under your comforter to go to bed each night. Choose from a wide selection of pillow protectors to fit nearly every pillow in your house.

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      Protect your pillows and add some pizzazz to your decor with pillow covers from Kmart

      Pillow covers add a layer of protection between you and your pillow. While that might not sound glamorous, they also can add a gorgeous pop of color to your room and help keep your favorite pillow around longer. Kmart has the latest styles of pillow protectors in many sizes so you can style your bedroom and help spare your pillows from stains and dust.

      With fabrics such as microfiber and soft cotton, pillow covers are comfortable so you'll feel great when you're ready to grab a throw and rest your head. Some have special technology to help keep your pillow cool, which you'll appreciate on summer nights. If you have allergies or asthma, you'll love pillow protectors that are designed to limit allergens.

      Pillow covers are available in different sizes so you can protect your bed pillow or your body pillow. A variety of designs means you can change the look of your pillow and add a twist to your bedroom decor. Solid hues add pops of color to your room, while geometric designs and animal prints can add some flair. Kids will love fun pillow cases. Pick up some with your little girl's favorite designs and she might actually be excited about getting in her girls' pajamas and going to bed.

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