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      Celebrate autumn's arrival with fall wreaths

      Fall is a time of year when families come together. Make friends and family feel welcome to come into your home with fall decorations such as leaves, acorns and pumpkins. When it comes time to put away the Halloween costumes, warm up the cider and snuggle under blankets, be sure to decorate your home from the outside in. Choose durable decorations that you can use year after year. Here at Kmart, we have everything you need to create a feeling of fall season's greetings in your home.

      Fall wreaths bring the autumn into your house with a blaze of warm colors. Warm yellows and deep cranberries, bright oranges and deep chestnuts: the colors of fall will bring new life to your decor. Looking for something subtle? Choose a wreath that centers one mostly one color, such as rust or tan, and adds style with different shades of the same color. Or choose a simple twig-based wreath with just a few pieces to add an elegant pop of color to your wall. They also make great specialty Halloween decorations; add a few spider webs and those pumpkins become Jack O Lanterns.

      Reflecting the rich harvest, many fall wreaths are created with pieces from nature. Whole wreaths are created made simply of fallen or faux leaves, while many are based in straw or hay for a simple elegance. Other spark and burst with color thanks to everything from flowers to berries and pinecones. Looking for something a little more animated? Many feature scarecrows, turkeys or sunflowers as a way to bring a little extra life to their harvest celebrations. Of course, you can always find beautiful accents in hammered or brushed metals such as bronze to add refinement and a little sparkle to the proceedings.

      The best part about wreathes is the bang they give you for your buck. For a few seconds of work hanging up a wreath, you get a storm of colors, scents and autumn ambiance. The self-contained decorations only take moments to hang, but give you a pulled-together look that will impress your friends and family. Those who hang their wreaths in windows get a two-for-one deal: it does double duty decorating the outside of your house for passing eyes and bringing color into the interior as well. With life moving at a million miles an hour, having a quick, easy way to decorate can mean less stress and more time with the family.

      When it's time to put away the Halloween decorations and get into the swing of fall, pick up a few fall wreaths to transform your house into an autumn wonderland. With vibrant colors and made of objects that reflect the harvest, a fall wreath is the perfect way to bring the beauty outdoors indoor. Trust Kmart to get your fall decor at a fraction of the price.


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