Mens Halloween Costumes

On Halloween, adults can be kids again, or vampires, mummies, football players or TV personalities. At Kmart, we have several men's Halloween costumes that indulge that sense of play, including superheroes, hippies and humorous costumes that will have people in stitches. Looking to coordinate with the lady in your life? You can find matching men's and women's Halloween costumes to make you a perfect match. Don't let your age demand you be in street clothes for the holiday. Browse our men's Halloween costumes here to find the one you'll love.

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Men's Halloween costumes let you relive your childhood

Halloween is a great way to tap back into your childhood loves when you're firmly in the land of adulthood. Live out your dreams of being a superhero or sneaking around as a ninja. Did you always cheer more for the villains? Embrace your dark side with a Darth Vader mask and face off with jedis across the neighborhood. No matter what you choose, Kmart has you covered with our vast array of costumes for everyone in the family, from you right on down to the pets.

For men who love to be scary with their costumes, we carry costumes from brands like California Costume and Totally Ghoul. Choose from frightening classics such as Freddy Krueger and the Grim Reaper. Transform classic costumes into the definition of scary by choosing to be an evil jester, ghoul or zombie; just make sure you look at accessories such as fake weapons and blood to make your costume stand out. Morph suits are also a great way to creep people out behind the anonymity of a full-body costume. While they're popular, you don't have to choose one of the solid-color or print options; some come with famous faces (or helmets) attached, such as Spiderman and Iron Man.

On the other hand, you may decide you'd like to dress up a superhero. We have classic superheroes such as Batman and Superman. If your tastes run a little more current, we have all your favorite Avengers, from Thor to Captain America. Spending the holiday as his favorite superhero is a great way to show off his love of Spiderman, when the chances tend to be few and far between for adults. Feeling more dastardly than dashing? Pull on costumes featuring Death Eaters, Predator, Loki and other famous villains. You can pair up with a friend dressed as your Superhero enemy, or simply start (faux) fights with any Harry Potters you happen across.

If dad isn't sure what he wants to be this Halloween, he can start by looking at boy's Halloween costumes or infant and toddler costumes. Father-son Halloween coordinated costumes make for great pictures and allow for extra family togetherness. Disney characters give father and son a chance to team up as Buzz and Woody or face off as Peter Pan and Captain Hook. If you can convince him to hang out with his "dorky dad," we even carry teen Halloween costumes you can match up with.

Use Halloween costumes and specialty Halloween decorations to get your family in the spooky season this year. Choose from a variety of costumes from brands like Totally Ghoul and California Costumes. Pick from silly costumes or costumes so scary the entire neighborhood will tremble with fear. Browse our men's Halloween costumes here to find your perfect outfit for the occasion at a price that won't scare you.


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