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      Grand Resort-Manchester Dining Bundle
      Grand Resort Manchester Dining Bundle
      The Manchester Dining Bundle has 4 resin wicker dining chairs with ultra high backs for ultimate outdoor relaxation. The durable all weather resin wicker enhances any setting, whether indoors or outdoors. Swivel rockers help you get in and out with ease with gentle motion to let you relax the night away. The slat top dining table is durable and a stylish addition to any setting. It also includes the coordinating umbrella and umbrella base.
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       Patio Bases
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      Ty Pennington Style Manchester Umbrella Base
      • Ty Pennington Style Manchester Umbrella Base
      • | Sears Item# 07135032000 | Model# SR14007
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      • Manchester Umbrella Base

        TheManchester Umbrella Baseis the perfect addition to the Camden Umbrella.TheManchester Umbrella Baseis made of a sturdy cast iron for stability. Paired with the Camden Umbrella and Dining Set, your back yard will have a beautiful cohesive look.

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         Patio Umbrellas
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        Ty Pennington Style Manchester 9' Umbrella
        • Ty Pennington Style Manchester 9' Umbrella
        • | Sears Item# 07135031000 | Model# SR14002
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        • Manchester 9' Umbrella

          TheManchester 9' Umbrellapairs perfectly with the Camden umbrella base.TheManchester 9' Umbrellawill provide shade from the sun with its adjustable angles. Pair it with the Camden umbrella base as well as the Camden Dinning set to create a cohesive look.

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