As of May 1, 2006, Kmart discontinued its policy of charging a dormancy fee on gift card balances that were inactive in excess of 24 months.

If you have a gift card that you believe was impacted by a dormancy fee, you may have the fee refunded to you. Upon verification of the amount deducted from the gift card Kmart will refund to you the deducted fees. There are three ways to request verification and refund. You may send an email to the address below, call toll free (866) 463-6677, or mail an inquiry to the address below. In each case, it will take approximately 10 business days for the refund to be processed after verification. In order to process your request, please provide your name, address, phone number, and Kmart gift card account number located on the back of the card.


Toll Free Call:
(866) 463-6677

Mail Address:
SHC - Kmart
Attention: Gift Card Dormancy Fees
3000 W. 14 Mile Road
P.O. Box 8073
Royal Oak, MI 48068-8073

Information required for verification:
Phone number
Gift Card account number