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Your bedroom is where you should feel the most relaxed and at home. Once you furnish your bedroom with the essentials, like a good bed, dresser and nightstand, making it feel comfortable is all about the little touches. Adding a bed headboard is an easy way to transform the look of your bedroom and give it a touch of elegance without breaking the bank. Canopy beds and other bedding accessories are nice, but a headboard is essential if you want to achieve that classic bed appearance. Without one, your bed looks like just a raised mattress.

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Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom with headboards from Kmart

You'd be amazed at how the addition of one headboard can change the feel of an entire bedroom. It does make sense, though. Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom; anything you do to your bed will have a big impact on the whole room. Your bedroom is a place where you should feel most at home, so make the investment to give it a comfortable decor. The great thing about a headboard is that it lets you do this without having to buy a whole new bedframe. Just attach it to your existing rails and you're on your way to a more inviting bedroom.

No bed looks complete without a headboard. After all, a bed is more than just a frame, box springs and a mattress. Your bed needs those things to give you a comfortable and supportive place to sleep, sure; but a bed is also a piece of furniture. With all furniture, appearance is just as important as function. A headboard gives your bed a complete, finished appearance. It also gives you a surface to lean decorative pillows again. You'll be amazed at how a headboard will improve the look of your bed.

The type of headboard you choose can have a big influence on the appearance of your bedroom. Before you start looking at individual models, though, think about what shape and material will fit best in your room. An angular head can bring a modern look to a bedroom, while an upholstered headboard softens the look of it. If vintage is your thing, think about a metal headboard. A rustic wood headboard, on the other hand, brings a cabin-like feel that might be just the thing to contrast that soft decorative bedding.

Headboards don't have to be purely decorative, though. They can also serve as a convenient place to store things. Take a look at Kmart's selection of headboards with bookcases and drawers for extra storage. These are a great option in rooms where space is an issue, like if you need to make room for an inflatable bed on the floor. If you don't have room for a nightstand, these headboards give you a great place to store a book, lamp, glass of water and whatever else you might want to have nearby at night. These dual-function headboards are a beautiful example of blending form with function.

Your bedroom is your personal haven. Adding little touches like a beautiful headboard can make all the difference in the impression your bedroom makes on others and on you. Shop for headboards today at Kmart, where we offer a selection of great brands at even better prices.


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