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Store your clothes in style with attractive bedroom dressers from Kmart

You have to store your clothes somewhere. If you have shirts lying on the floor, pants hanging over the back of a chair or socks hiding under the bed, it might be time for a new bedroom dresser. Having enough bedroom storage is essential to keeping your bedroom organized. Even if you already have one dresser, it might not be enough if the drawers are too full. Dresser drawers that are overflowing with clothes are a pain to use, and you tend to forget about the clothes lying squished on the bottom. Getting another dresser can help you keep your clothes separated so you can always find exactly what you're looking for.

Different types of dressers are better suited for different spots in your room. A tall, skinny dresser is perfect for a tiny spot in the corner where nothing else will fit. These dressers are great for storing small items like socks, underwear and accessories, but might not be able to fit many larger garments like sweaters and jeans. For that kind of clothing, consider a shorter, wider dresser. These big dressers can even double as TV stands. You can also get smaller three-drawer dressers that can serve as your nightstands.

When it comes to appearance, you have a big selection to choose from. A natural pine finish will give a very different feel to your room than a dark walnet stain. Take a look at your room to see if there's a dominant color scheme. Would a certain color of dresser complement the rug, wallpaper or bedding? Think about what kind of atmosphere you want in your room. A wood stain can impart a classy appearance, while white brightens the room and gives a feeling of cleanliness.

Finally, think about who will be using the dresser and what their wardrobe is like. If you only have a few t-shirts and jeans to store, a small dresser might suffice. On the other hand, if you've got several sets of sweats, pajamas and sweaters, you'll probably need a big dresser with lots of storage. Kids' clothes are typically smaller than adults' clothes, requiring less storage space. Just don't underestimate how many clothes your children will be given for birthdays and holidays. A dresser is also a necessity for the nursery, along with a glider, crib and baby storage containers.

Bedroom dresser serve two important functions. They give you a place to store and organize your clothes for easy access. They also look great with the rest of your bedroom furniture, especially when everything matches. Complete your bedroom decor with dressers from Kmart, where we offer a great selection from top brands like South Shore, Venetian Worldwide and Ameriwood.


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