Bedroom Vanity Sets

A lady's bedroom is not complete without a vanity set. At Kmart, you can find traditional and transitional styles from brands such as Essential Home, Guidecraft and Home Styles. All vanity tables come with an attached bedroom mirror and drawers to store cosmetics, jewelry or grooming items. Several models also come with a matching stool. In some of our vanities, the mirror folds down so the table can double as a desk. We offer several different wood finishes, as well as painted vanities. For well-groomed youngsters, we also offer child-sized vanity sets.

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Complete your makeup at a beautiful vanity set from Kmart

You know that your look isn't complete without the right makeup; but you can never seem to get it quite right using the bathroom mirror. It might be because you aren't comfortable standing all that time, or it might be because there isn't enough room to lay all your makeup out around the bathroom sink. Either can be solved with one of the beautiful bedroom vanity sets from Kmart. Choose from a variety of finishes and styles to find one that complements your bedroom perfectly.

Vanity sets consist of a small, delicate table with a mirror attached. Most of the mirrors are on some kind of swivel, allowing you to adjust them depending on your height for the best view. They all contain several drawers to hold cosmetics and jewelry. Most of them also come with a matching bench or stool, or at least the option of purchasing a matching bench or stool. Unless you already have a wealth of bedroom seating available, you should probably get a bench along with your vanity set.

If you're regularly frustrated by not having a good place to do your hair and makeup, a vanity set could be a dream come true. They give you a high-quality adjustable mirror, a comfortable matching stool and a flat surface big enough to spread out your makeup and jewelry. They don't contain a ton of storage, but their drawers should be enough to store all your earrings, necklaces, rings, mascara, eye shadow and more. Altogether, these qualities make a vanity set an essential part of a bedroom sets for the sophisticated lady.

Vanity sets are more than just a practical piece of furniture, however. A good vanity set will look beautiful in your bedroom, completing your decor and complementing your dresser, armoire and nightstand. Choose from vanity sets in classic painted white or a light, medium or dark wood finish. You can find vanity sets in both rattan and solid wood. To make the best choice for your bedroom, think about the color scheme in your bedroom and imagine what color would best complement that look.

In the end, a vanity set provides you with a stylish combination of form and function. You aren't just buying a beautiful piece of furniture, and you aren't just buying a table to do your makeup; you're buying both. It's that multi-purpose nature that improves the appearance of both you and your bedroom. Vanity sets can range from relatively inexpensive to beautiful works of solid-wood art; for a great selection that runs the gamut, shop out everyday low prices at Kmart.


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