Bedroom Mirrors

No dressing regimen is complete without a check in the mirror. Kmart's collection of bedroom mirrors will not only fulfill that essential function, but will lend a stylish touch to any bedroom decor. From designers such as South Shore and Saunder, mirrors are available in multiple styles, from contemporary to traditional. We have standing full-length floor mirrors, wall-mounted mirrors and countertop mirrors. Our classic wooden frames are available in dark, medium and light finishes, so you can find the color that best matches your dresser or armoire. Mirror shapes include ovals, rectangles and squares, and are available in both landscape and portrait orientations.

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See yourself as other see you with bedroom mirrors from Kmart

Like it or not, appearances count. The truth is, you can't truly be confident in your appearance until you see yourself in a mirror.. Maybe your outfit doesn't match the way you thought it would. Just a quick check in the mirror can be enough to give you the confidence to feel surer of yourself. With the mirrors available at Kmart, you can furnish your home with bedroom mirrors that fit your price range and your decor.

Two stylish mirror options available to you are wall-mounted mirrors and countertop mirrors. Both typically rest against a wall, so they take up little space. This makes them a great option in rooms with limited space. Countertop mirrors are often placed on top of a matching bedroom dresser, similar to a bedroom vanity set. The identical style and finish of the two pieces of furniture will add to your bedroom decor. A good-looking wall mirror can serve as a decoration on the wall, while still giving you the functionality of a mirror.

In larger bedrooms, consider a full-length floor mirror. These bedroom mirrors rest on the ground, so they take up more space than a mirror attached to the wall. The benefit is that you can see a full-length reflection of yourself. While other mirrors will only let you see yourself from the waist up or so, in a full-length mirror you can see your entire outfit. You might think that floor mirrors are more expensive than other types, but that's often not the case; so even if you're strapped for cash after buying that new adjustable bed, chances are you can still afford a stylish new floor mirror.

While the practical function of a mirror is to show you your reflection, bedroom mirrors serve a decorative function as well. An attractive mirror that matches your bedroom's decor can help your bedroom look good at the same time it helps you look good. If your bedroom has a lot of wood furniture, try to get a mirror with the same finish as your dresser. You can choose from square, oval and rectangular mirrors in either a portrait or landscape orientation.

A good-looking bedroom mirror can help you put the finishing touches on your bedroom decor while giving you confidence in your own appearance. Whether you're looking for a floor mirror to get a good look at yourself or a wall mirror to fill a blank spot on the wall, you'll find a wide selection at Kmart. We offer everyday low prices on mirrors and other furniture, so you never have to break the bank to furnish your bedroom.


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