Some rooms are closet-challenged. Either they have no closet, too few closets or closets that are just too small. You can solve this inadequacy, however, with an armoire from Kmart. Choose from casual and formal wardrobe closets, including a variety of styles to match any decor. Just imagine what your bedroom might look like with a beautiful wood armoire wardrobe next to a full-length mirror. Unlike dressers, armoires have storage for both hanging and folded garments. Pick from a variety of materials and finishes to find the armoire that best suits your budget and bedroom.

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Furnish your bedroom with beautiful armoire furniture from Kmart

Store your clothes in style. If you don't have a closet, or if your closet is overflowing with clothes, consider a new armoire. Armoires are attractive pieces of furniture with room for both hanging and folded clothes. You can hang up your button-down shirts, suits, dresses and other nice clothes while folding t-shirts, pants, socks, underwear and more in the drawers. If you've ever had a closet so stuffed full of clothes that it was difficult to fit in another hanger, you have an idea how convenient a new wardrobe armoire can be. And they're not just functional; they also look classy and elegant.

While most bedrooms come with a built-in closet, there are some situations in which you might need a wardrobe armoire. For instance, maybe you share a room with your partner or roommate. In this case, you can help separate each of your belongings by putting one in the closet and one in an armoire. Another instance when you may need an armoire is if you have a lot of clothes that require hanging. Some closets are tiny, and stuffing all your shirts, dresses and bedroom accessories into a closet that's too small could result in wrinkles to your favorite clothes. Finally, armoires are a necessity anytime you need to make a bedroom from a room without a closet.

Armoires come in a variety of sizes to suit various needs. If your new armoire has to serve as your primary closet, it makes sense to get a large one with many drawers. On the other hand, maybe your armoire is only going to be holding dresses or a handful of select clothing. In this case, a smaller wardrobe armoire placed next to your vanity set might be the perfect solution. Other times when you can make do with getting a smaller wardrobe armoire include armoires meant for guest rooms and children's rooms.

Choose a color that will match your bedroom's decor or color scheme; at Kmart you can find wardrobes in black, white, dark brown, pine and more. If you're purchasing an entire set of new furniture, it makes sense to make your new armoire match the bed, nightstand and dressers. Otherwise pick something that will complement your existing furniture. Choose from a variety of materials, finishes and knobs.

You may not be able to put in a new closet, but you can always expand your bedroom storage with a beautiful new armoire. This is a classic piece of furniture that you can use every day; and unlike built-in closets, armoires can be moved from room to room as needed. If you need a place to hang a few extra garments, consider a new wardrobe armoire at Kmart; we stock a wide selection of your favorite brands.


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