Air Mattresses

You never know when you'll need an extra bed. Think of all the times when an extra portable bed might come in handy. Maybe you've got guests for the weekend, or maybe you're traveling yourself and not sure what the sleeping arrangements will be. These are the situations when it's great to have an inflatable air bed from Kmart. They're comfortable, portable and easy to use. Air mattresses also make essential dorm room supplies, giving you an extra bed without taking up a lot of space. An inflatable bed can help ensure you never get caught unprepared when bedtime rolls around.

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Help your guests sleep in comfort with an inflatable air mattress

You might be surprised how often a portable bed comes in handy. It may not seem like you'd have that many uses for an inflatable mattress, but that's just the thing. The occasions when you need an air bed are often unexpected. Maybe your kids want to have an impromptu sleepover; maybe you want a real bed for that camping trip; or maybe you've got surprise guests in town. Either way, with an inflatable bed tucked away in the closet you can be confident that you're prepared.

One great thing about air beds is that because they're up temporarily, you can usually get a large size. If you're moving furniture around anyway, it's not that tough to make a little extra room for a queen or king. Don't forget to pay attention to the height of your air bed. A short mattress will be just a few inches off the ground, while a taller air mattress will be easier to get in and out of. It won't exactly be an adjustable bed, but that extra little bit of height can be really helpful to anyone who has knee or back problems.

One of the most convenient features of inflatable air mattresses is how easy they are to store. The specifications tab on each product will tell you two sizes: unpacked and packed. The unpacked dimensions tell you the size of the bed when inflated. The packed dimensions tell you how small it folds up. The ability to fold up your air bed means that it's easy to store in a closet or under the bed. It also makes them portable, so you can toss them in the car for your next vacation. Just don't forget a good duvet cover to keep warm and toasty.

Less expensive air beds may require an external pump, but most of the quality selections available at Kmart come with a built-in pump. The convenience of a built-in pump is often well worth the cost. All you have to do to get your bed ready is lay it out on the floor, plug it in and flip the switch. Your bed will begin to inflate on its own; some models even have an auto-shutoff feature. Then make the bed with sheets and pillows, and top it off with a decorative comforter for a guest bed that blows the couch away.

Whether it's for guests or for yourself, an inflatable air bed can come in handy in a surprising number of situations. They're portable and easy to store. Built-in pumps allow for automatic inflating and deflating. Finally, many models feature a plush, padded top for added comfort. If you have travel or guests on the horizon, shop Kmart for a wide selection of inflatable air mattresses.


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