Adjustable Beds

Customize your comfort with an adjustable bed. If sleeping in a regular bed leaves you sleepless and sore, consider how much more comfortable you might feel with your feet up or your head elevated. Adjustable beds bring comfort to a whole new level. Most other mattress types, including memory foam, water beds and air mattresses, vary the material inside the mattress; but the shape of the bed remains flat. Adjustable bed mattresses, on the other hand, can be adjusted to whatever position is most comfortable for you. The result is a customized sleeping surface that you can adjust with the push of a button.

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Get a better night's sleep with adjustable bed mattresses from Kmart

You know you're supposed to get eight hours of sleep a night. One clue to the comfort of your bed is how you feel in the morning. Do you get out of bed rested and ready to tackle the day, or do you roll out of bed with a sore back and neck? If the latter sounds familiar, then lying completely flat may not give your back the proper support it needs. The solution may be an adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds allow you to customize your sleeping surface. You can choose to raise your feet, for example, to better support your back while you're lying flat; or, you can elevate your head in order to create a reading position that's much more comfortable than sitting at your bedroom vanity set. Adjustable beds come with an easy-to-use remote that makes it easy to adjust your position. Some models even include a memory function that allows you to save your favorite positions and recall them with just a single press of a button.

Apart from their customizable base, adjustable beds are just like any other bed. Many are compatible with regular headboards, for example, and you can continue to use your old comforter and pillows. They come in the same sizes too, ranging from twin to California king. The larger sizes often come as a split base. In other words, the frame is split in half, allowing you to customize each side of the bed. This is a convenient feature when you sleep with a partner and each of you prefers a different position.

These bed frames come with a higher price tag, but are often worth the cost. After all, improving your sleep is more important than have a new dresser, nightstand or bedroom mirror. Many adjustable bed bases support a massage feature that gently vibrates the bed to give you the feeling of a relaxing while you rest. Automatic shutoff lets you fall asleep to this calming massage without worrying about wasting electricity; it will turn off automatically after a specified amount of time. Adjustable beds also come with a remote control that allows you to control all its functions.

Tossing and turning is a sign that you're not resting as comfortably as you should. There are many potential causes of poor sleep; but an uncomfortable mattress, thankfully, is one you can fix. Shop adjustable bed mattresses at Kmart to start improving your sleep today.


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