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Sewing and Quilting Opens Doors to Other Needle Arts

People who enjoy sewing and quilting already have some of the skills necessary to branch out into other needle arts. At Kmart, youl find all of the tools and accessories you need to expand your crafting into other areas.

Some of the techniques used in sewing or quilting aren much different than those used in knitting. Knitting requires dexterity, concentration and a knowledge of how colors can work together to create an attractive finished piece. If youe ready to give the fiber arts a try, knitting books are a good place to start. Learn basic stitches from step-by-step ow tobooks that include detailed illustrations, then move on to your first projects with pattern books geared toward beginners. Once youe mastered simple hats, scarves and other accessories, there are many books that show you how to tackle more difficult projects that use advanced techniques. With the right books to teach you, youl be knitting lace doilies, cabled sweaters and multicolored socks in no time.

If youe stumped for your next project, knitting kits can give you a jump start. Shopping for a variety of yarns, needles and notions is inspirational and may spark new ideas for motifs, stitch patterns or color combinations. Whether you buy a kit that includes everything you need to create a finished project or prefer to start with a single skein of yarn and a set of needles in multiple sizes, youe sure to wind up with something beautiful to show off to friends and family. And with brands such as Lion Brand, Caron and Boye to choose from, youl never be at a loss when you need yarn or needles for a new project.

Knit needle cases help keep all of your needles organized when youe between projects. Having a good case or set of cases means that youl always be able to find the size needles that you need. Cases also prevent damage that needles might otherwise sustain from being tossed into boxes or bags. If youe fond of specialty needles made from wood or glass, it even more important to have a way to keep your collection safe and sound.

When it comes to needle arts, sewing and quilting are just the beginning. Take a look at Kmart for books, kits and more that will give you something new to try while challenging your creative side.