Picnic Sets

A beautiful fall afternoon is the perfect setting for a fun family picnic. The sun is shining and the breeze is cool, but the temperature is moderate. You pack up all of your favorite snacks, lunch items, and drinks into one of your oversized picnic sets. Complete with dishes, silverware and even condiment sets, you're ready for a day at the park. The kids can run around and play while you sit and enjoy a sandwich from the picnic basket. With picnic totes from Kmart, you can make these afternoons a regular occurrence.

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Dine outdoors with the best picnic sets

Picnic sets offer the ultimate enjoyment when it comes to beautiful weather. From a thermos of hot soup on crisp autumn days to fresh salads and fruit on warm summer days, there's a picnic plan for every occasion. When you have picnic blankets, baskets and more, you'll be able to make the most out of your picnic.

When you want to take your significant other on a romantic picnic, you want to have all of the supplies to make it a memorable afternoon at the park, lake or in your own backyard. With picnic sets, you can easily pack a delicious meal with all of the accoutrements that you'll need to really make an impression. You'll pull out all the stops with a pair of wine glasses, a bottle opener and your favorite bottle of vino. Bring a carafe of your favorite sparkling water. Serve a cheese and charcuterie platter with delicious meats, cheeses, olives and more. He or she will love the effort that you've put into the date, and you'll both have a fantastic time.

For a more family-friendly picnic, you may want to have a chip and dip set in your picnic basket. Serve everyone's favorite snacks, sandwiches and sweets as the kids switch off between snacking and playing. They'll run around the park or playground while you can enjoy a few relaxing moments without a care in the world. Whether you're set up on a large blanket or you've found a picnic table for your whole brood, there's nothing quite like a family picnic to enjoy a beautiful day.

Sometimes, special events will allow you to bring in picnic baskets. Cook your favorite meal at home in your own cookware, and bring it along so that you don't have to spend more money on food than you have to. Whether you're going to an outdoor concert, a theater in the park or the Fourth of July fireworks display, having your own picnic meal is sure to come in handy. Whether you're at a park or the beach, you're sure to have a fantastic time. You may even be allowed to bring in a bottle or two of wine.

When it comes to a picnic, you want to make sure that you have everything that you need to enjoy your day at the park, beach or your own backyard, a picnic set that comes complete with a blanket, dishware, glassware and more will go a long way. At Kmart, you can find everything you need to have an amazing experience, every time. You'll have picnic supplies for many years to come.


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