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Floor lamps brighten up dark corners and dim hallways with ease

Sometimes a room just needs a bit more light than ceiling lights can give. When you need to light up a dark corner or dim hallway, Kmart is your go-to spot for a huge selection of floor lamps for every room in your home. With stylish and elegant brands like Trademark Home, Ore and Oxford Creek, you're sure to find a floor lamp to match your sense of style.

Because the living room is where you and family go to unwind, selecting the right lighting is very important to creating the right relaxing atmosphere. For family fun and playing with the kids, you'll want bright, cheery lighting. On the other hand, dimmer lighting is better suited for those who turning their living room into a home theater system with a big-screen TV or TV projector. You can satisfy both high- and low-light requirements by shopping dimmable floor lamps at Kmart. These floor lamps with adjustable brightness levels are perfect for any dual-use living room. You can go classic with the Warehouse of Tiffany Cyrene black lamp, or try a modern spin with the Oxford Creek shining crystal floor lamp.

Floor lamps can also come in handy inside your closet. Even the most well-organized closet  with clothes neatly folded on closet shelving and shoes lined up in the closet organizer  can turn into a mess without sufficient lighting inside. When that closet bulb just isn't bright enough, try installing a floor lamp from Kmart for a little extra light. The Trademark Home Silver Sunlight floor lamp is a good choice. With its compact size and high light output, it's right at home in the cramped spaces of a typical closet.

Because they're so easy to move and set up, floor lamps offer a convenient lighting option wherever you need it. From living room to bedroom, whether upstairs or downstairs, whichever room in the home needs a little extra light, Kmart floor lamps are there to deliver a versatile lighting solution.


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