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Serve all your favorite teas with tea kettles

There's nothing more relaxing than a calm morning with a cup of your favorite black tea and a book. Whether you take your tea with milk and sugar or you prefer lemon and honey, having the right tea kettle matters. If you're a traditionalist, nothing beats having your very own stovetop teapot, but if you would rather have something fast and simple, an electric tea kettle may be the way to go. Regardless of your preferences, you can easily find your tea kettle at Kmart.

When you make tea, the temperature of the water matters. Even more so, how much the water has been boiled matters. Ideally, water will not be boiled more than once or for very long in order to attain the best possible tea flavor. Because boiling causes dissolved oxygen to dissipate, the tea can be negatively affected by over-boiled water. The more traditional stovetop tea kettles are great for keeping track of the boiling point. Many of them are also dishwasher safe. Electric tea kettles can also be incredibly convenient; just make sure not to reuse water that's already been heated.

As soon as water starts to roll into a boil, you can removed the pot and prepare to pour it into your serving teapot, which can sit safely on a trivet in order to protect your table from the heat. For best results, you want to scald the server before pouring the water in; you can do this by pouring a small amount of the hot water in, swirling it, and then pouring it out. Then, add your tea bags or loose tea, and finally the hot water. Let you tea steep properly depending on the type of tea that you're drinking, and soon it will be ready to serve.

When you serve tea to guests, presentation makes a difference. You'll make a statement with an elegant serving tray full of small cakes and cookies and tea served out of a decorative tea set. You may even prefer to have matching cups to complete the experience. With tea sets from Kmart, your guests are sure to be impressed with the quality and presentation of your tea.

Your relaxing cup of tea is important, and the tea kettle that you use can make a huge difference in the quality of your tea. You can have the perfect cup of tea when you boil your water with the right tea kettle. You can find a huge selection of tea sets and kettles when you shop at Kmart.


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