Microwave Cookware

Did you know that you can cook most foods in the microwave? You just need to have the right cookware to expose the food to the conditions that will cook it properly. Here at Kmart, we have several kinds of cookware designed especially for the microwave. With their help, you can cook pasta, steam vegetables, cook fluffy eggs and even help food finish cooking more quickly in a pressure cooker. All of our microwave cookware is designed to be durable, stay safe for use in the microwave and maintain a low temperature so you can get food out safely.

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Use microwave cookware for easy weeknight cooking

Between working a full time job and carting the kids off to their activities and sports, you've already got a lot on your plate. When you get home at night, you don't want to spend hours that you don't have preparing dinner. With microwave cookware from Kmart, you'll be able to create delicious and easy meals for the entire family with a few quick button pushes.

If you've got a main dish already prepared, ready to go on the grill pan or slow-cooking in your Crock Pot, and you just need a quick side dish, microwave steamers are ideal for cooking healthy and delicious steamed veggies and pastas. Of course, you can also prepare complete meals in the microwave with the right cooking tools. With a microwave pressure cooker, you can create small portions of your favorite pressure cooked meals, including stews, potatoes and more.

If you don't have time in the morning to whip up a full breakfast with your skillet, you can even cook breakfast in your microwave with containers designed specifically for eggs. Use egg poachers for perfectly poached eggs in seconds or an egg cooker designed to form perfectly circular egg patties. Create your favorite breakfast sandwich in minutes with an English muffin or bagel and your microwaved egg patty.

Microwave cookware is exactly what you need when you want to reheat leftovers for lunch or dinner. You can find storage bowls and containers that are perfect for both storing in your fridge and reheating in the microwave. If you want to just make one plate, you can also stock up on convenient microwave covers for standard sized plates. As this is the perfect option if you're saving a plate for someone who's working late or not home in time for dinner, reheating a single dinner has never been easier. Once you're finished, you'll find that your microwave cookware is even easy to clean. Just place steamers and covers in your dishwasher and let the rinse cycle handle the rest.

When you have microwave steamers, pressure cookers and pasta cookers, you can make mealtime happen fast. Prepare a healthy and complete meal in just minutes, giving you more time to spend on the things that really matter. You can find a wide variety of microwave options when you shop at Kmart, so stop by today. You'll be glad that you did.


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