Clutter-Free Hangers


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Keep those creases sharp and your clothing wrinkle-free with clothes hangers from Kmart

From women's coats to men's jackets to dresses, the only way to keep wrinkles out of your clothes is to hang them properly in your closet. Kmart has all kinds of hangers specially designed for specific items of clothing so your entire wardrobe will stay wrinkle-free.

For hanging everyday wear like polo shirts, dress shirts and creased slacks, the standard medium-weight hanger provides a versatile solution. The rounded edges on these hangers prevent unsightly creases from forming, while the slanted shape helps garments retain a body-fitting hang. Essential Home white plastic hangers are a lightweight and affordable choice, while metal frame black flocked hangers offer more durability and bend resistance. Flat-front men's pants should not be folded over the bar of a standard hanger; instead, try a specialized trouser hanger. These hangers have steel clips which hold onto the waistband, allowing the legs to hang unhindered. The Essential Home Steel Stacking trouser hanger is a sturdy and space-efficient choice.

Because suits and tuxedos are worn so infrequently and tend to spend a lot of time in storage, they require specialized hangers to keep them looking like new. Suit hangers are typically made of wood and are curved forward to mimic the shape of your shoulders; this helps the suit to retain a more natural drape when you wear it. The crossbar also comes with a gentle clasp to hold your suit pants securely in place and to preserve their sharp crease. On a hanger from Essential Home, Neu Home, or Organize It All, your suits will look pristine year after year.

Of course, not every article of clothing needs to be hung up. Jeans, sweaters, exercise clothes and underwear can be stored folded on a shelf none the worse for wear. Kmart offers a great selection of closet shelving options for all your storage needs. Extend your dresser space into your closet with an Essential Home 6 cube storage unit, or invest in a larger freestanding South Shore Morgan storage cabinet for your bedroom.


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