Candles & Home Fragrance



Make your house come alive with home fragrances

Home fragrances have grown beyond the simple scented candle. While candles and candle holders are still popular and can add a touch of ambiance to your home along with a pleasant scent, today's homeowners have many options to choose from when they want to dress up their home with a new smell. Home scent products can be used to add fragrance to a small area, such as your closet, or to diffuse it through the whole house. Whether you opt for something simple, such as potpourri, or something more complex, such as a diffuser, you will enjoy the refreshing scents that these products offer.

Scented candles are often the first product thought of when a home needs a fresh new scent. Candles come in almost any pleasant scent you can imagine, from floral to fruity, and in a range of sizes and styles as well. A simple jar candle is a popular gift and can freshen a large area of your home. Decorative candle holders that hold tea lights or votives are also an attractive way to add the smell of a new candle to your home. Potpourri is another classic way to add a fresh scent to your home. Unlike scented candles, potpourri does not require you to burn something, but can simply be set out and enjoyed. For a more intense scent, consider investing in liquid potpourri, which is poured into a decorative warmer to be heated and spread through the home.

Diffusers and natural oils are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add scents to your home. With a diffuser, you can add the benefit of essential oils, which not only smell great but also can help calm and relax those living in your home. Diffusers use a diffusing medium, which is typically a stick set in a jar of oil, to spread the scent through the home. These are set up in calming, peaceful displays that will be a classy addition to your home. Incense sticks and incense holders perform a similar function, but by burning the oil instead of simply diffusing it.

When it comes to adding freshening scents to your bedroom, don't stop with the women's spray perfumes on your dresser. Closet fresheners are also popular. With closet fresheners, you can add a delightful smell in the midst of your bras, dresses and shirts, battling stuffiness or your husband's stinky shoes. These fresheners often perform a double function, serving as a deterrent to moths and other insects.

The options for home fragrances are nearly endless for the modern homeowner. The way your home smells is one of the first things people will notice when they walk through the front door, so don't ignore it. If you are ready to change the way your home smells, trust Kmart to provide the range of smells and scents you want. Shop today to give your home a fragrance makeover.

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