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Tap into favorite scents and memories with potpourri

The right fragrance can make a house smell like home, and using potpourri holders with liquid potpourri is one of the best ways to fill your home with a welcoming scent. Potpourri holders for liquid scent are attractive accents that hold a small amount of fragrance in a top container; the bottom half of the vessel safely holds a votive candle to warm the liquid and release its aroma. Unlike dry potpourri, which collects dust and quickly loses its scent, liquid potpourri gives off an even fragrance that freshens the entire home, not just the room it sits in. With liquid potpourri you can easily control how strong or mild the scent in your home is by controlling the length of time the liquids are warmed above the votive candle holder.

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice based on the idea that scents can have a positive effect on your health. By selecting the right scents you can create an environment that's more relaxing, balanced or energizing. For example, using Essential Home Creamy Vanilla Liquid Potpourri may reduce stress; vanilla is touted in aromatherapy to bring calm and comfort to a worried mind. Choosing a potpourri with refreshing mint may help you feel more alert and energetic and is a great way to revive yourself while at home or at the office. The more you experiment with potpourri, the more you'll understand which scents have a positive effect on you.

Potpourri is also a practical housekeeping tool in its own right. Don't you love the smell of your home right after you've spent the day cleaning and polishing? By using potpourri, you can extend that clean smell for as long as you want. It's also great for those times when unexpected guests drop by. Some scented candles have a lovely smell, but it can take several hours of burning for that smell to disseminate into the air, and spray air fresheners only work for a few minutes at a time. But with a small dose of liquid scent in the potpourri holder and a quick flame of a candle, your whole home can smell like a basket full of fresh laundry in no time. You can even use it as a closet freshener, to battle the smell of your husband's smelly shoes.

During special occasions, potpourri is an easy way to evoke the family spirit. A product such as Essential Home Spiced Apple Liquid Potpourri will get everyone in the mood for a family get-together. Certain fragrances remind us of pleasant memories from the past. Including potpourri as part of your special occasions will help reinforce those pleasant memories for everyone in the family.

Liquid potpourri and potpourri holders make thoughtful gifts for bridal showers and house warmings and are a great addition to a dorm room. Scented candles, sprays and diffusers can be nice, but if you're looking for a way to scent your home quickly and evenly Kmart has potpourri holders and the liquid fragrances you'll love using.


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