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Diffusers and fragrance oil are a great alternative to burning scents

There's nothing like walking into a home and immediately smelling a nice, fresh scent. Finding the perfect way to make your home smell nice is important, whether you're a fan of candles, incense or air fresheners. At Kmart, we also carry a great variety of diffusers that spread around the scent of fragrance oils. We have tons of different natural oils you can mix or use individually to create the scent you want in your home. Choose from scents such as lavender, vanilla, cedar wood, lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint and more. Shop at Kmart for a selection of diffusers and fragrance oils that will serve as both decoration and air fresheners.

Fragrance oil diffusers can add a natural, decorative look to your home. Choose from Kmart's selection of sets that come with everything you need to draw out the scent of exotic, aromatic oils in your home. Essential Home makes a set that includes a ceramic vase, bamboo reed diffusers, a tea light with its own glass candle holder, an inspirational message rock, decorative accents and a tray you can use to display the set. With our sets, you can burn a variety of scents. The San Miguel Reed Garden comes with a decorative bottle, oil, tea lights and a tray to help the set become a centerpiece of your home. Diffuser reeds are a great way to achieve subtle, long-lasting freshness.

Kmart also has a variety of accessories for your set when you run out of oil or diffuser reeds. Check out our packs of reeds you can buy so you never have to worry about running out. We also carry a variety of scented aromatherapy oils that you can mix and match, depending on what you want your home to smell like. Change the mood of your home every so often with different scents that give off different energies. We also carry replacement tea lights that go with our diffuser sets, and decorative rocks, marbles and potpourri you can use to decorate the tray of your diffuser set.

At Kmart, we also have a variety of other options for making your home smell nice. Decorative pillar candle holders are a great way to jazz up your home while allowing the candles that make your home smell nice fit in perfectly. Choose from wall sconce candleholders, glass holder that come in sets, jar candles, votives and hurricane holders. We also carry a variety of incense in all different scents. If you're looking to keep your drawers, closets and clothing storage places fresh and free of pests and moisture, we also have a huge selection of closet fresheners.

If you're looking for an easy way to make your home smell nice without having to worry about fire with burning candles or incense, using a diffuser with fragrant oils is the best way to go. Choose from Kmart's selection of diffuser sets that will make the perfect addition to any finely decorated home. We also have tons of different scented oils so you can mix, match and create the mood you want in your home.


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