Closet Fresheners

Homeowners often sweeten various rooms with diffusers, incense or potpourri. The space that really needs a helping hand is the closet. Kmart's closet fresheners will combat mustiness, while also protecting clothing against insect damage. Our inventory includes cedar hang-ups from Evercare Cedar. Just hang one on each clothes rod and the natural cedar oil will repel moths and counteract stale odors. Or consider natural cedar blocks, which work their magic when tossed into pockets, shoes, drawers or garment bags. If moths are your main concern, you may prefer the effective, old-school solution: boxes of moth balls from Enoz.

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Keep your clothes fresh and dry with closet fresheners

There's nothing more refreshing and comforting than opening your clothing drawers and noticing a light, clean scent emanating from the drawer. We all like to keep our drawers and closets smelling nice, which is why Kmart carries a huge selection of closet fresheners. Whether you're looking for a little bag of potpourri to stuff in the back of your shirt drawer or a cedar block to hang in your closet to prevent mildew and pests, we have everything you need to choose the perfect scent for your drawer or closet.

At Kmart, we carry plenty of options for keeping your closets, drawers and anywhere else you store clothing in your home smelling clean and fresh. A cedar block is a great way to keep your clothes smelling fresh while also protecting them from moths and musty odors. Slip the blocks into pockets, boots, drawers or storage boxes to naturally discourage pests, mildew and odors. Expand the life of your cedar block by sanding the wood surface with sandpaper to renew the potency. We also carry a selection of mothballs that are great for keeping clothing safe and preserved. The odor of our mothballs doesn't cling to the clothing.

If you're looking for a closet freshener that will prevent humidity and mildew from giving your clothes a musty smell, we have a great selection of closet deodorizers. Charcoal deodorizers and products that use drying crystals effectively absorb moisture. We carry tons of hanging dehumidifiers, as well as some that sit on the ground or on a shelf. If you're looking for something that will make your clothes smell good, we also have a selection of odor absorbers, spray fresheners and cedar sachets to choose from.

Kmart also has a huge variety of products that will keep your entire home smelling fresh and clean. Choose from incense sticks that can be a great decorative addition to your home. We also carry liquid potpourri and potpourri in a variety of scents that can be burned to create an aromatic scent throughout your entire home. Choose from hundreds of room sprays, candles and air fresheners that will fight every day, inevitable odors. Kmart also has hundreds of women's perfumes and colognes for men and women that will keep you smelling good even after you leave the house.

At Kmart, we have a selection of closet fresheners, odor absorbers and home fragrances that will ensure your clothing, closets and whole home will smell good. Fight humidity and mildew with cedar blocks, charcoal odor absorbers and other products that will prevent moisture from becoming a problem. Whether you're looking for a sachet to keep your drawer fresh when you open it, or mothballs that will prevent moths from eating your clothing while they're in storage, Kmart has everything you need to keep your clothes fresh and preserved.


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