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Candleholders can be decorative and functional

Candles can make a wonderful decorative addition to your home or office. Choosing candles and candleholders that will enhance your home can be fun, especially if you have hundreds of styles and scents to choose from. At Kmart, we have a huge selection of candles and accessories. Whether you're looking for tea light holders, votives, wall sconces, jars, candle warmers or candles themselves, Kmart has everything you need to make sure you have the right candles for your home or office.

A candle can make the perfect addition to an end table, your mantle or your desk. Candles can be both functional and decorative, especially if you're a fan or burning nice smelling candles to liven up your home. At Kmart, we have a great selection of high quality glass candleholders that come in all different shapes, sizes and in sets. The Essential Home three-piece hurricane glass set allows you to put change the items in the bottom, such as fake flowers, potpourri or marbles, so you can add seasonal flair to your candleholders. Our angled votive holders are unique and allow you to easily the candle without having to stick your hand in.

If you're looking for a way to jazz up a wall, or you want candles but don't have any appropriate surface space for them, check out our selection of wall sconces that allow you to hang candles on the wall. We carry sets that allow you to have mirrored scones next to each other, as well as single wall sconces that hold anything from tiny tea lights to large jar candles. If you're looking for alternatives to candles, check out our selection of potpourri holders. We also have incense holders that will make it easy to keep your home smelling wonderful.

At Kmart, we also have tons of regular candleholders that sit on tables, counters, desks, mantles and anywhere else you'd want to put a candle. We have a variety of hurricane holders, which are topless holders that go over the candle to prevent air from blowing it out, as well as beautiful metal candleholders with designs for almost any style. If you're looking for something earthy, we have a great selection of rock garden candleholders. We also have plenty of closet fresheners that will keep your clothes smelling good.

If you're looking for a great way to decorate your home and keep it smelling great, Kmart has a huge selection of candleholders, candles and even fragrance oils. We have candleholders that hang on the wall, come in sets and simply sit on a surface. Choose from glass, metal and plenty of other textures and styles that will complement the color and decorations in your home. Shop at Kmart for all your candle needs.


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