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Stock up on tobacco products at Kmart

You know that familiar feeling of running out of cigarettes. You reach for the box, and it feels light in your hand; you shake it for signs of one last smoke, but the only thing you hear rattling around inside is a few specks of tobacco. Now you have to stop at a gas station, grocery store or drugstore to pick up another pack, and odds are you'll pay a higher price. This wastes your time and money. You can avoid this scene in the future, however, just by stocking up on cigarettes and lighters at Kmart.

Marlboro is a classic and well-loved brand of cigarette. The Marlboro Man redefined our ideas of both cigarettes and manliness, and today Marlboro cigarettes are one of the most popular and bestselling cigarettes in the world. You can choose from a variety of flavors and sizes. Try lights if you prefer a lighter flavor, or reds if you prefer full-flavor tobacco. Mediums are somewhere in between. We also carry menthols for those who love cigarettes with a minty touch. Just a word of advice: do your smoking outside, or you'll need more than a few air fresheners to get the smell out of your curtains, rugs and upholstered furniture.

In addition to single packs, you can also get a whole carton of Marlboro cigarettes. While it's not the best choice if you have aspirations of smoking cessation, a carton will save you money over the long term while ensuring that you never run out of smokes. If you know you'll smoke them, it makes a lot of sense to buy in bulk. Here at Kmart you can find cartons in different flavors, like light, and sizes, such as kings and 100s.

It's also a good idea to stock up on lighters while you're at it. If you think it's frustrating to run out of cigarettes, imagine how it feels to have a cigarette but to be unable to smoke it because your lighter ran out of fuel. You can choose from several options from Bic, including mini lighters, regular lighters and utility lighters. Remember to take them out of your pocket at night, since a lighter that goes through the laundry is liable not to work anymore.

Cigarettes are something you have to buy constantly. You can keep yourself fully stocked at all times by ordering cigarettes and lighters from Kmart, where we offer a wide variety of flavors and sizes at competitive prices. Enjoy the smoky tobacco taste you love without the hassle of driving to the store.


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