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      Get rid of insects, mice and more with pest control supplies

      Every time you see another creepy, crawly creature skitter across your kitchen floor, you feel a little shiver in your spine; those bugs have got to go. If your home has bugs or mice, you don't want to mess around with products that don't work. You want proven solutions that will get your home back to the clean, sanitary place it should be. Here at Kmart you'll find pest control supplies from trusted brands like Backwoods, Ortho and Hot Shot to evict these unwanted visitors.

      If you have insects, now's not the time to show compassion. Use traps and sprays to kill whatever invaders you have. Raid is one of the most well-known names when it comes to bug sprays; its sprays are formulated for invader types including spiders, ants, roaches and more. If leftover gum and candy has attracted cockroaches to your home, consider a cockroach trap from Combat. If you have pets, try a carpet powder from Hartz meant to guard against fleas and ticks.

      Bigger intruders like rats and mice present their own set of problems. They're much bigger than insects and are capable of causing damage and eating your food. After all, you don't want to have to break out the cleaning supplies every time a mouse drags crumbs across the kitchen floor. The problem with rodents, though, is that they spend most of their time hiding in the cracks behind your walls, so you rarely even get to see them. That's why a glue trap from Tomcat or d-Con is the best way to get rid of these pests.

      If you're headed outdoors, insect repellent is a must. Spending time in nature can be a relaxing experience, but not if you're constantly swiping at mosquitoes. Luckily, Off! and Cutter both offer effective bug-repelling sprays. Cutter has a variety of repellents with gentle, natural ingredients while Off! has stronger formulas using the powerful ingredient DEET. If you're out in the woods, remember to keep any fragrant food in food storage containers to avoid attracting even more bugs your way.

      Don't let bugs and rodents be a constant irritation in your life. Get the right pest control supplies you need to get rid of these bothersome visitors so you can focus on more important things. Check out our selection at Kmart for bug spray, insect repellent, mousetraps and more.

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